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Elevate your brand with the Shopper Bag. This cusotom printed bag with logo is the epitome of eco-friendly promotional solutions, combining style, durability, and sustainability. Crafted with care, this customizable reusable bag offers high-quality material for your brand’s identity, with options for full-surface sublimation, sublimation-printed labels, or elastic bands to make your brand stand out. Discover how our bags are made from recycled materials, reducing environmental impact while providing a versatile accessory for everyday use. Choose from various sizes and materials, and explore the numerous branding possibilities to make your mark with the Shopper Bag.

Explore the Shopper Bag - a versatile, eco-friendly promotional solution

The effectiveness of advertising campaigns relies on the appropriate selection of promotional items. By choosing shopping bags with logo, you gain an attractive accessory adorned with clear, high-quality graphics that reflect your brand.

Personalising the advertising bag with your own graphics allows you to stand out from the competition and capture the attention of more people. Decide whether the imprint should be applied to the entire surface of the bag, on a tag, or perhaps on an elastic band.

We use modern and precise sublimation printing, ensuring excellent design durability and accurate representation of the colours used in your brand image. The dye penetrates the fabric, preventing fading, rubbing off, or wearing out, so your logo will continue to make a lasting impression.

Shopper Bag Strong

Shopper Bag Strong is perfect for carrying heavier items due to its reinforced polyester construction. The optimal size, convenient shape, and softness of the material allow for comfortable packing and carrying of a larger quantity of goods. The durability of the bags is important because the longer they can be used, the better it is for the environment and the company’s image.

Material option:
100% Polyester- 311g/m2

Stock colors and close pantone:
01 white, 02 yellow NEON- 809C, 03 orange NEON- 811C, 04 pink- 805C, 05 red- 7621C, 06 green- 2284C, 07 green- 448C, 08 brown- 463C, 09 blue- 660C, 10 navy- 4146C, 11 black- 6C

Shopper Bag Light

By incorporating reusable shopping bags with custom prints into their promotional campaigns, companies can effectively build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty and engagement with their products or services. Furthermore, these types of bags are environmentally friendly, making them even more attractive as gifts for potential customers. The fine mesh texture of the bag gives it an elegant appearance. With the use of a modern printing method involving high temperature and pressure, the custom-printed shopping bag gains a unique look. We can apply creative graphics that reflect the company’s image to the entire surface of the advertising bag, ensuring strong exposure to the corporate colours. According to individual needs, the bag can have a solid colour chosen from the available options, in which case the logo will be printed on a tag or elastic band.

Material option:
100% Polyester- 105g/m2
stock colors and close pantone:
01 white,
02 black,
03 blue- 660C

Material option:
RPET 100% Polyester- 105g/m2
stock colors and close pantone:
01 white

What is the Shopper Bag advertising bag made of?

We strive to provide our customers with durable promotional items that will serve the people who use them for as long as possible. Our customised reusable bags are made of polyester, including recycled polyester known as RPET. This material is obtained from PET plastic packaging and helps reduce environmental pollution.

How can you label it?

We have introduced advertising shopping bags to our range with the aim of enriching promotional campaigns with interesting and useful gadgets, as well as protecting the environment. It’s a great way to reduce waste. By having a durable shopping bag with you, there is no need to use plastic packaging that is often discarded in large quantities after just one use. A customised reusable bag makes any brand more recognisable and environmentally friendly.

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