About Us

We are a company with over 25 years of experience in the eco promotional products industry. We began our journey as an advertising agency, but over time, and through collaborations with key partners, we have evolved into a producer of ecological promotional products with sublimation printing technology. 

Strategic investments in a new headquarters and a state-of-the-art machinery park have enabled us to focus exclusively on production using this cutting-edge technology and ecological solutions.

Our presence in the industry is built upon a commitment to sustainability, key partnerships, and a customer-centric approach that has led to numerous successful campaigns. We can ensure complete confidentiality in our collaboration on behaf of your client. 

With a reputation for excellence and a dedication to environmental responsibility, Greenverta is a company that truly understands how to make every promotional campaign a resounding success.

Our Approach

Before we decide to launch a new product in the market, we put in every effort to test our ideas for quality and usability. We design products with a keen focus on how your customers will use them and what value these promotional products will bring to their lives. Our products are built with attention to every detail.

We combine premium quality materials with functional design, and that’s where your logo is placed.

We have full control over the quality of the products because we do all the work using our own machinery park. Every day, we monitor the production of our eco-friendly gadgets at every stage of the manufacturing process. We want to create and deliver our customers premium products of the highest quality.

We consciously choose European suppliers!

We manufacture our products using certified materials from Europe.

We live in the spirit of ecology to always develop our business in a sustainable manner, taking care of the environment. Our aim is to make our production as green as possible by implementing:

Certified water based inks

Responsible waste manage

Sustainable Packaging

Energy from photovoltaics panels

Materials from responsible suppliers

The Team

Greenverta is a team of passionate individuals who share similar values. We are a motivated team, ready to craft exceptional offers, create innovate projects, and fulfill orders.

We are aware and commited to environmental consciousness because we understand that the reusable products we collectively create contribute significantly to reducing plastic in our surroundings. We are fully prepared to take on your project! Our numbers speak for themselves:

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