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Introducing Custom Microfiber Towels – Where Luxury Meets Promotion! These custom towels with a logo, crafted from microfiber, offer a unique blend of softness and practicality. Quick-drying and practical, they are perfect for the pool, beach, gym, or travel. With sizes ranging from compact to spacious, optional elastic bands for easy packing, and double-sided sublimation printing, these towels capture your brand’s essence beautifully.

Custom towels with a logo - a practical way to promote your brand

There are truly many possibilities for using towels as a form of advertising. Custom towels with logo can be hung in hotel bathrooms, given to clients at an exclusive spa, or gifted to employees as a token, who can also promote the company while using them at the beach, for example. Such a pleasant gift will surely evoke positive associations with the company.

Promotional beach towels - a manufacturer you can trust

We strive to ensure that our promotional towels fulfil their function well, which is why we use soft microfiber in their production, which excels at absorbing water. You can order classic rectangular towels from us, available in various sizes, from small 30×50 cm towels useful in cosmetic salons, to large 70×140 cm beach towels with the company logo. Unique round towels with a diameter of 1.5 m can be an interesting gift or an element of equipment for apartments or wellness facilities. With a wide range of sizes and various shapes available, you can easily create the perfect offer for your customers.

What sets our microfiber towels with a logo apart?

The soft touch of branded beach towels is an effective way to promote your brand. Their surface provides an excellent base for applying impressive and durable graphics that customers will associate with the company. The design of the promotional towels consistent with the company’s visual identity reflects its professionalism. Upon your request, we can place the graphics on the entire surface of the towel or on the elastic band that helps maintain the folded form of the towel, which is very useful for packing and transportation.

Why should you order promotional towels?

  • Made of highly absorbent and lightweight material.
  • Versatile application enabling reaching a wide audience.
  • Large surface area for an individual imprint that leaves a lasting impression on customers
  • Multiple sizes and two shapes to choose from.

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