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Elevate your brand’s visibility with our custom-printed pillow covers. These cozy, quality accessories are perfect for promoting your business while providing comfort and relaxation. Crafted for durability, our logo pillow covers maintain their fresh appearance for years, making them an ideal choice for your promotional campaign.

Personalised pillow cases - Idea for company promotion

An excellent idea for effective marketing material, as well as a comfortable and cozy addition to any home, is a custom printed pillow case. This gadget will enhance the sleep experience for its owner while also serving as a visually pleasing advertisement for your business, which the recipient will see every day. The graphics on the cover can feature your company logo, slogan, or any other symbol of your choice. You can select a standard size for the logo pillow cover or request a size tailored to your specific preferences.

Comfort and Relaxation - Logo pillow cases

A certified pillow cover with a custom print will liven up and decorate any interior. Whether it’s a waiting room in a cosmetic clinic, a hotel room, or private spaces, logo pillow cases with beautiful graphics will complement any space. Made from polyester, fleece, and soft, touchable microfiber, they provide a delightful sleep experience and deep relaxation. The materials used in crafting these pillow covers are free from harmful substances, making them safe fabrics for both adults and children.

Personalised pillow cases with Sublimation Print

Thanks to the sublimation technique, the dyed logo pillow cases ensure long-lasting and imperceptible prints. Sublimation also allows for durable graphics that remain clear throughout the use of the cover. We also offer the option to include a small, aesthetically pleasing tag with the print. It will be hard not to notice the brand logo, both by the pillow owner and their family, friends, and surroundings. By promoting your company on a hotel room or home living room accessory, it will be associated with pleasant relaxation, leading to a positive perception of your brand.

Logo pillow cases - Why should you order it?

  • Cozy material ensuring comfortable relaxation.
  • Graphics printed on the entire surface or on a label.
  • Carefully selected materials and meticulous finishing.
  • Ability to customize the size of the pillow cover to meet individual expectations.

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