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Make your brand stand out in the world of travel with our branded Luggage Belts. These straps not only provide security and easy identification but also subtly promote your company’s logo to a wide audience. With durable sublimation printing, they are a practical and visually appealing addition to any suitcase.

A branded luggage strap is a useful accessory for any traveller’s luggage. Not only does it help identify the luggage, but it also provides additional security against accidental opening or shifting in the luggage compartment. With a personalised imprint, the strap allows for easy identification of the suitcase among other travellers’ luggage, while also ensuring that the company’s logo is noticed by many. A logo luggage strap provides subtle yet effective brand recognition for companies.

Logo luggage strap as an original promotional gift

How to promote a company while travelling? Attach a special strap to the suitcase, adorned with any graphic motif, such as a logo or a memorable advertising slogan. The branded luggage strap may seem like a small gift, but it actually holds great power. It can catch the attention of a large number of people at airports, train stations, hotels, and other high-traffic areas. A suitcase with a logo is a discreet yet highly effective way to showcase the company’s brand on a wide scale.

How to personalise a branded luggage strap?

The method of personalising the strap depends on the requirements of the specific marketing strategy. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to apply any multicoloured graphics onto the entire luggage strap. Sublimation printing ensures durable and visually appealing results, making every suitcase stand out. Whether it’s a logo or any other print, applied on a smooth or textured surface, they will impress with their clarity and vibrant colours.

Advantages of logo luggage straps for customers and businesses

A branded luggage strap is a gadget with important practical benefits. A branded travel bag will be prominently visible among other suitcases, not only to the owner but also to other people, including potential customers of the advertised company. The adjustable circumference of the strap, fastened with a large, convenient buckle, allows it to be adjusted to the specific size of the suitcase, securing it against accidental opening in the luggage compartment. Individuals who receive such a practical gift will be able to use it while travelling, and the company will gain an interesting form of image promotion.

Is a branded luggage strap a good promotional gadget?

  • It is useful during travel as a distinctive and reliable luggage security measure.
  • An attractive addition to the suitcase that will showcase the company’s logo.
  • Durable sublimation printing depicting any desired graphics.
  • Precisely crafted from certified materials from trusted manufacturers.

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