Branded headbands that promote numerous businesses

Branded hair bands enjoy great popularity during various promotional campaigns and are particularly suited for companies operating in sports-related industries. Promotional headbands serve as attractive additions to the image of many businesses. By customising headbands to align with advertising campaigns, companies can increase their visibility and effectively reach their target audience, including new customers.

Eye-catching Headband with a Standout Logo

When it comes to promoting a company, it’s important to invest in attention-grabbing merchandise that will positively reflect the brand. With our specialised machinery, we can create promotional headbands with a unique appearance. The design is transferred onto the fabric using high temperature and pressure, allowing the pigments to penetrate the fabric’s structure and become permanently fixed. This ensures that the colours on the headband will always look vibrant and beautiful.

What fabrics do we use to make promotional headbands?

A branded headband given as a gift from a company must be functional and comfortable. In our sewing workshop, we utilize proven, safe, and durable materials that ensure complete user comfort. An elastic seam and soft fabrics guarantee comfort and the assurance that the promotional headband will not cause irritation during physical activity and will last for many seasons. Whether it’s RPET fabric made from recycled waste, moisture-wicking COOLMAX fabric, or thicker fleece that works well on colder days, explore the range of available materials and order headbands that are perfect for your customers.

Why should you order promotional headbands?

  • Warm, breathable, and comfortable to the touch, they provide warmth and protection against the wind.
  • The ability to apply individual, standout graphics.
  • Durable sublimation printing ensures vibrant and non-fading colours.
  • High-quality construction using certified materials.

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