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Discover relaxation with our customizable Eye Cover. Whether you’re at home, traveling, or hosting corporate events, this eye mask offers comfort and style. Personalize it with your unique designs for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Blindfold with logo - A Unique Gift for Customers and Employees

Eye masks are exceptional gadgets that can be used as recognition gifts for employees, giveaways at corporate events, or promotional items distributed to customers during various marketing campaigns. You can customize the gift-gadget, such as an eye mask with your own imprint, using custom graphics that will leave a lasting impression on many individuals. With this type of eye mask, customers and employees can receive a truly unique item that is useful both at home and while travelling, whether in a hotel, train, or airplane.

Custom blindfold

Are you looking for a way to make promotional eye masks stand out from competing products? In a few simple steps, we can personalise them for you with unique imprints. Logos or interesting graphic motifs that cover the entire surface of the masks will make them truly one-of-a-kind, which will be even more appreciated by the recipients.
Eye masks with custom imprints are a great form of advertising for many companies.

Material used for custom blindfold

The outer material of the eye mask is a soft-touch microfiber. It is smooth and velvety, providing blissful comfort during restful sleep. Additionally, this material is highly durable, ensuring that the mask retains its shape and quality even with long-term use. We have designed the mask with the proper shape to provide a snug and proper fit on the face, which is crucial for maximizing comfort during relaxation.

The filling of the eye mask also blocks out any external visual stimuli. Inside the mask, there can be a polyester filling, also known as padding, or a cotton filling enhanced with beautifully scented lavender for a relaxing and calming effect.

Why order custom blindfold with your logo?

  • The pleasant microfiber and soft filling provide comfortable and effective relaxation.
  • The ergonomic shape ensures a good fit on the face.
  • The individual graphics are applied clearly and precisely.
  • An original and practical gift for customers, business partners, employees, and more

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