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Promote your brand with our cozy logo blankets. Crafted for warmth and comfort, these high-quality fleece blankets feature standout photographic prints that capture attention wherever they’re used. Perfect for outdoor events, trade shows, and corporate gatherings, our soft-touch blankets are both practical and promotional.

A cozy blanket with logo will not only provide warmth, comfortable relaxation, and beautify the interior but also remind people of your brand with its standout, high-quality photographic print. Whether the logo blanket is spread out on the beach, on the couch, or on the grass during a picnic, the printed message on it will be clearly visible and noticed by potential customers. The soft-touch fleece will effectively keep you warm, and the high-quality graphics relevant to your promotional campaign will capture the attention of those around.

Promotional blankets -a great promotional strategy

When choosing items for promotional campaigns, it’s worthwhile to select practical ones, among which a soft fleece blanket with a printed logo can be considered. Personalised promotional blankets provide enjoyable use and, importantly for any business, a unique way to promote the company’s image.
Blankets with logos work exceptionally well during outdoor events, trade shows, corporate gatherings, and even while travelling. Hotel or resort owners can equip their rooms with soft blankets featuring beautiful graphics to enhance their guests’ stay. With such promotional items, every company is sure to be remembered and gain many new supporters.

Custom blankets with logo - a gift for discerning customers

Only the highest quality gadgets are truly appreciated by users, and that’s exactly what our logo brands blankets are. We prepare them in our sewing studio with impeccable finishing, using materials certified for their quality, and with durable prints that ensure the blankets with logo look great and serve reliably for a very long time.

Promotional blankets with personalised graphics

A promotional blanket can be customised with a logo, colour scheme, graphic motif, or slogans to create the perfect marketing tool for any company. With numerous available customization options, and by choosing the best ones for a particular brand, a printed blanket will undoubtedly attract the attention of potential customers. We use transfer printing for branding, where the print is permanently fixed under high temperature and pressure. This method yields fantastic results, accurately reflecting the company’s colours, ensuring precision, and guaranteeing print durability.

Why should you order a custom blanket with logo?

  • A creative way to spread awareness about your company among potential customers.
  • Soft and warm material providing a relaxing rest.
  • Versatile usage – an essential interior item and a useful outdoor gadget.
  • Ample surface area for printing vibrant graphics promoting your brand.

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